Today at Berkeley Lab

What Did Lab Staff Do Over Labor Day Weekend?

Jarek Syzdek (EETD):
I took another flying lesson. This time I practiced getting out of a stall, the dutch roll and landing.
Pictured at left

Marty White (EHSS):
My husband and I bottled 25 gallons of 2011 Pinot Noir (10.5 cases), which was grown in our back yard.

Sally Nasman (MSD):
We rode our bikes along the Bay Trail and then ventured off to find the Richmond Field Station to check out the new “Richmond Bay Campus” location. Ate wild blackberries along the road to “Gate 2″. Would love to commute by bike along the Bay to work!

Deborah Miller (HR):
I ran a half marathon at Disneyland with a friend…dressed like the queen of hearts.

Nancy Fleischauer (IT):
11th year at Burning Man, performed with 700+ fire dancers in the Great Circle before the Man burned.

Elizabeth Stuart (EETD):

Four days camping and hiking at Mt. Shasta. Thrilled to get to drink fresh spring water gushing out from the mountain at the headwaters of the Sacramento River!

Peter Zwart (PBD):

My son and I attempted to make our chicken coop escape proof from our “Houdini Chickens”. It now looks like a batting cage. Five minutes after we thought we were done, they escaped again though. I think we mended the situation now, but we have to see if they find another escape route.

Daphne William (NSD):

I ate delicious beans and rice and gazpacho served by a hare krishna off the front of a dusty bike and then ate it will taking to the nicest firefighter from Ohio and his son while waiting for the Man to burn.

Julie Drotz (Directorate):

Volunteered at Oakland Animal Services.