Today at Berkeley Lab

Two Lab-Affiliated Researchers in Forbes 30 Under 30 In Science List

Two Lab-affiliated researchers, Aaron Meisner of the Physics Division and Liang Wu of the Materials Sciences Division, were recognized in the annual Forbes 30 Under 30 In Science list (see related story).

Meisner, 29, a UC Berkeley postdoctoral researcher who works on the Lab-led Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) project, was recognized by Forbes for his work on “data-intensive challenges in astronomy,” including his work as co-founder of a citizen science project called Backyard Worlds. That effort seeks to find Planet Nine, a hypothesized planet in our solar system. Meisner was working with data for the DESI project that proved useful in the search for Planet Nine. That hunt has already led to the discovery of a brown dwarf. Meisner’s research focuses on creating and analyzing high-resolution sky maps from large sets of astronomical imaging data.

Wu, 29, an experimental condensed matter physicist who has won several honors in the past year, including a dissertation award from the American Physical Society, was recognized by Forbes for his research of topological materials, “which are of interest for building the next generation of quantum computers.” His work, Forbes also noted, “could lead to breakthroughs in infrared detectors and solar cells.” A year ago, he served as the lead author in a Nature Physics publication exploring a class of materials that could be useful for optoelectronic devices including far-infrared detectors. Wu has accepted a position as assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania.