Today at Berkeley Lab

Teamsters Local 2010 to Strike Jan. 10

Teamsters Local 2010 has provided notice of its intent to strike on Tuesday, January 10, based on perceived unfair labor practices by the University. The University views the union’s charges as being without foundation, and therefore considers the strike unlawful because the parties are still in active negotiations and no impasse has been reached.

Unless they have received advance approval for vacation, employees are expected to report to work on January 10. Vacation requests may be denied or approval rescinded due to operational necessity. All employees who call in sick on the strike day will be required to provide a doctor’s note upon their return to work. Employees will not be paid for time lost due to participating in a strike and will not be allowed to use vacation leave to make up for the pay they lose because of striking. In addition, employees absent without authorization on January 10 may also be subject to corrective action.