Today at Berkeley Lab

Compliance Date for Revised ‘Common Rule’ Policy is Jan. 21

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and fifteen other Federal Departments and Agencies have issued final revisions to the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (usually referred to as the “Common Rule”). The compliance date for the Revised Common Rule is Jan. 21. More>

Policy Reminder on Research Misconduct

The Research and Institutional Integrity Office (RIIO) is responsible for responding to reports of possible research misconduct and concerns expressed about research integrity and scientific conduct. Supervisors and managers should report such concerns to the RIIO. To ask questions or discuss concerns, contact Vicki Laden, the Lab’s Employee Concerns Manager. More>

Got Influence? Why You Might Need to Recuse Yourself From That Lab Business Decision

This last installment of a three-part “Conflict of Interest” series looks at situations in which Lab employees are in a position to influence financial or purchasing decisions for the Lab for which they have a financial interest. It’s important to note that rules apply to actual conflicts of interest, and also to circumstances that are perhaps legally permissible but that could create the appearance of impropriety. More>

Taking Lab Tech to Market? Commercialization Arrangements Need Review

This second installment of a three-part Conflict of Interest series — detailing employee responsibilities for outside employment, commercializing Lab technology, and financial decisions they may influence as a Lab official — features Jill Fuss and Steve Yannone discussing extracurricular employment and the “Compensated Outside Professional Activity” process and guidelines. More>

Got Side Hustle? Why You Need to Have Your Outside Consulting Gig Reviewed

This article on the need to get outside consulting work reviewed is the first in a three-part ‘Conflict of Interest’ series intended to help Lab employees understand their responsibilities with regards to outside employment, commercializing Lab technology, and financial decisions they may influence (or appear to influence) as a Lab official. Go here to read part one, which features Lab researcher William Jagust.

Improved Process for Sending DOE Barcode-Tagged Property to Excess

Government property that is no longer needed by a property custodian and the property custodian’s division is deemed “excess” and can be sent to Berkeley Lab’s Excess turn-in facility to be made available for reuse by Lab employees, federal agencies and contractors, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Property Management has developed a standardized process for sending DOE barcode-tagged property items to Excess.

Policy Change Comment Period: Medical Separation, Reasonable Accommodation

The University of California is proposing revisions to two policies: Medical Separation and Reasonable Accommodation. These are policies on which Berkeley Lab’s Medical Separation and Reasonable Accommodation policies in the Requirements and Policies Manual (RPM) are based. Go here for more information and to provide comments on the proposed revisions.

Export Control Launches New Website

Berkeley Lab has a new export control website designed to make navigating complex export regulations easier. The new site has been simplified to provide researchers and staff with practical guidance, useful forms, and informative links for those seeking answers or additional information. Send comments on the new site to [email protected]

Comment Period Open: Proposed UC Sexual Violence, Harassment Policy Revision

The University of California is proposing a revision to the UC systemwide Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) policy. This is the policy upon which Berkeley Lab’s SVSH policy in the Requirements and Policies Manual (RPM) is based. Go here for more information and to provide comments on the proposed revisions.

Employee Responsibilities for Reporting Concerns: Whistleblower Notice

Employees have the right, and the responsibility, to identify and report concerns about improper governmental activities and environmental, health, and safety risks without fear of reprisal. Employees are encouraged to discuss such concerns with a manager or with Employee Concerns Manager Vicki Laden (x7880). Complaints may also be filed anonymously. Go here for information on how and what to report.