Today at Berkeley Lab

Pit Parking Lot (Lot D) Closed April 14 and 15

The Pit will be closed Saturday, April 14, through Sunday, April 15, to remove soil from the IGB project and wash the lot. The goal is to complete all work by Sunday and reopen the lot on Monday, April 16. However, there may be some parking impacts if work is not fully completed. Do not leave vehicles overnight in the lot on Friday. Contact John Braithwaite (x4998) with questions.

Brief Traffic, Gate, Shuttle Bus Delays Today Due to Secretary Perry Visit

During Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s March 27 visit, Lab gates, shuttle buses, and specific roadways will be temporarily closed, stopped, or blocked, respectively, for short periods of time (approximately two to five minutes each). Employees are asked to exercise patience during these interruptions and follow instructions from Protective Services staff throughout the day.

Old Town Demolition to Impact Parking

To accommodate frequent shipments during the first half of the week of March 25 and April 2, approximately a dozen additional parking spots will be intermittently closed in Parking Lot N3. Spaces will reopen as shipments are completed each day. Contact Bob Cronin (x2849) with questions.

Do You Stack Park? Follow Parking Policies or Risk Violation Notice

To maximize all parking space at the Lab, numerous stack parking areas are available for use by employees. However, those who stack park must follow these regulations (see D.3). Stacked lots are regularly patrolled. Those not in compliance will receive violation notices (see D.4), which may result in the suspension of parking privileges. See alternate commute options here.

Water Line Repair to Affect Parking Lot T2 Near Building 62 Area

Starting Jan. 25 to 26, and continuing through mid-March, approximately 12 parking spots in front of Building 62A will be closed for construction access. Flaggers will direct vehicles and pedestrians in this area. Contact Dan Galvez (x6213) with questions. Go here to view a map detailing the various Facilities projects and impacts around the Lab.

Increased Patrol of Parking Areas and Enforcement of Parking Regulations

Substantial increases in the demand for parking on the Hill has resulted in a rise in parking violations and related safety concerns. To address this, Protective Services will increase patrols and the issuance of citations beginning Feb. 1. Repeat violations will result in the loss of parking privileges for five days. Current parking policies are available here. Send questions/feedback here.

Pit Parking Lot Closed Nov. 1

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, the Pit (Parking Lot D) will close for construction demobilization and clean-up in preparation for the rainy season. The lot will reopen for parking on Thursday, Nov. 2. Contact John Braithwaite (x4998) for more information.

Old Town Demolition to Impact Parking Through Winter

Additional Old Town area activities starting this week will expand the project’s fence boundary slightly and eliminate approximately six parking spaces. Parking in Lot N3 will also be intermittently reduced to accommodate truck traffic. Contact Bob Cronin (ext. 2849) with questions. A map of all current and planned Facilities projects is available here.

Lane Shift on Portion of Lawrence Road Through November

Through the end of November, traffic lanes will be shifted on Lawrence Road between Buildings 48 and 15 for upgrades to mechanical systems at the ALS and neighboring buildings. Parking and a pedestrian walkway will be closed in this area, and trucks are encouraged to use alternate routes. Map>

Pit Parking Lot Closed Next Few Weekends

Beginning at 6 p.m. this Friday (Sept. 1) through 5 a.m. Monday (Sept. 4), the Pit (Parking Lot D) will be closed for off-hauling stockpiled soil from the Integrative Genomics Building construction project. A similar closure schedule will apply for the remaining September weekends, an optimal time to reduce impacts to the Lab community. Contact John Braithwaite (ext. 4998) with questions.