Today at Berkeley Lab

Launching an Accessible Archive of Environmental Data

A new archive, called Environmental Systems Science Data Infrastructure for a Virtual Ecosystem (ESS-DIVE), preserves, expands access to, and improves usability of data from DOE’s research in terrestrial and subsurface environments. The ESS-DIVE team consists of computer scientists, environmental scientists, and digital librarians from Berkeley Lab and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. More>

Lab’s Gerbrand Ceder Comments on Recent Tesla Fires on KPIX

After responding to a Tesla vehicle battery pack that caught fire, Santa Clara fire officials say they are still learning how to handle electric vehicle fires. “The heat and the fire is actually inside the cells inside the batteries, so it’s very hard to get the water and the cooling to that,” explained the Lab’s Gerbrand Ceder. Unlike a regular fire, Ceder says, it’s the chemicals inside the batteries that are producing the heat in these cases. More>

Lab Research on Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water in India Highlighted

“The Better India” news outlet reported on a new innovation developed by a team that includes Lab researchers Ashok Gadgil and Arkadeep Kumar (ETA) that makes arsenic-safe drinking water affordable and available for low-income communities in India and elsewhere. The system — called Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation — is an efficient and cost-effective system for removing arsenic contamination. More>

The Battery Industry Is Blowing Up and It’s Changing Everything

The Lab’s Vince Battaglia is among the researchers interviewed in a CNBC piece on the history and future of batteries. Battery technology has been ever-evolving since the late 18th century as energy-storage needs have continued to grow. But in order to realize a fully electric future, new battery technology on a scale never before seen is required. Watch>

Lab’s Bayen Discusses Solving ‘Phantom’ Traffic Jams for ABC 7 News

Berkeley Lab traffic researcher Alex Bayen is using sophisticated computer modeling to predict what self-driving cars can do to improve traffic. His computer models show how self-driving cars figure out on their own how to improve efficiency when cars are merging on to a road or moving through an uncontrolled intersection. More>

Berkeley Lab Astrophysicist Featured in ‘Titans of the Cosmos’ Cover Story

Berkeley Lab’s Daniel Kasen is featured in the latest UC Berkeley [email protected] magazine in a cover story titled “Titans of the Cosmos.” Kasen studies cosmic explosions and has lately gained renown for his part in discovering what happens when two neutron stars crash together.

DOE Undersecretary Dabbar Pens Op-Ed on Supercomputing

“When people hear “the Department of Energy,” they think, well, energy. But we do supercomputing, too. In fact, we are, and have been for almost every year since the 1950’s, the world’s leader in supercomputing,” writes DOE Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar in the Dallas Morning News. He also references the development of a new supercomputer at Berkeley Lab, to be named “Perlmutter.” More>

Irfan Siddiqi Interviewed by NBC News Bay Area on Quantum Computing

The Lab’s Irfan Siddiqi recently appeared on NBC’s Press:Here program to discuss quantum computing and a Lab and UC Berkeley collaboration called “Berkeley Quantum.” Berkeley Quantum will advance U.S. quantum capabilities by conducting basic research, fabricating and testing quantum-based devices and technologies, and educating the next generation of researchers.

Giving Early Career Women in Engineering the Tools to Succeed in Academia

Some of the brightest minds in mechanical engineering recently convened on MIT’s campus for a workshop to help prepare women for careers in academia. Joining them was Berkeley Lab postdoc Akanksha Menon (ETA). She found it useful to hear personal stories from young faculty. “Just to know that they were in our same shoes and felt the same insecurities or faced the same challenges – that’s been really great,” said Menon. More>

Visiting Student Exposed to New Areas of Research and Creative Ideas at the Lab

Brooke Kuei, a Ph.D. student and budding science writer who is working at the Advanced Light Source, recently posted a blog on Medium talking about her experiences at the Lab. “I miss my friends at Penn State, my bed, and my daily routine back home, but working at Berkeley certainly has its perks: good weather, good food, and the opportunity to be part of a community that lives and breathes science,” she writes. More>