Today at Berkeley Lab

Biosciences Affiliate Stephen Holbrook Passes Away

Holbrook died August 12 at age 68. Holbrook joined the Lab in 1979 and retired in 2012. He shared an office with his wife Libby, also a Biosciences affiliate. Holbrook researched nucleic acid crystal structures, protein structures, prediction of novel RNA’s, and protein complexes. He received a DOE mentor award in 2004. A memorial service will be held Saturday, Nov. 4. More>

Former Lab Physicist Jerry Nelson Passes Away; Symposium Planned

Nelson was a pioneer in the design and development of segmented mirrors that enabled a new generation of large-scale telescopes. He died at his home in Santa Cruz on June 10. He was 73. A July 13-14 symposium that was already planned for Nelson, professor emeritus at UC Santa Cruz, will now serve as a memorial celebration. More>

Mars Research by Pimentel Recognized With National Historic Landmark

The American Chemical Society honored George Pimentel’s development of the Mars Infrared Spectrometer with a plaque in the lobby of UC Berkeley’s Pimentel Hall. The spectrometers were used on the NASA spacecrafts Mariner 6 and 7. In addition to being an associate director at the Lab, Pimentel was a longtime Cal professor, teaching freshman chemistry until just before he died in 1989. More>

Former Rad Lab Researcher Harold Weaver Dies at Age 99

Weaver, a pioneer of radio astronomy who discovered the first microwave laser, passed away on April 26. A UC Berkeley professor emeritus, Weaver worked on isotope separation at the “Rad Lab,” Berkeley Lab’s predecessor on campus, as part of the Manhattan Project. More>

Global Cool Cities Alliance Establishes Arthur Rosenfeld Award

The award was established to honor the legacy and impact of Rosenfeld’s advocacy for cooler buildings, cooler cities, and a cooler planet. Rosenfeld, who passed away in January, was a founder of the alliance. Also, the California Energy Commission recently created a video commemorating Rosenfeld’s life.

Tang Prize Foundation Dedicates Film to Art Rosenfeld

Rosenfeld, who passed away earlier this year, received the Tang Prize for Sustainable Development in 2016 for his many contributions to energy conservation. The Tang Prize Foundation made this documentary film, titled “The Godfather of Energy Efficiency” to honor Rosenfeld’s legacy. Watch>

State Legislators Adjourn Senate, Assembly in Memory of Art Rosenfeld

During the adjournment last week, Senator Nancy Skinner and Assemblyman Tony Thurmond cited Rosenfeld’s pioneering work to establish the Lab as a leader in energy efficiency research, his service on the Energy Commission, and the “Rosenfeld Effect” that’s kept California’s per capita electricity consumption flat since the 1970s. Watch Skinner’s remarks here, and Thurmond’s here.

Memorial for Art Rosenfeld on June 24

The family of energy efficiency pioneer Art Rosenfeld will host a celebration of life at 3 p.m. on June 24 at Hertz Hall on the UC Berkeley campus, which is open to the public. The California Energy Commission honored his career on March 15. Go here for information on donations or to leave a personal comment.

Alan Clark, Former Lab Senior Scientist, Dies at 78 

Alan Roderick Clark — who worked on experiments at the Bevatron, Fermilab, and SLAC that later enabled the first observations of the top quark and charmed particles produced by muons — died after a short illness on Jan. 29 at age 78. More>

Art Rosenfeld, Godfather of Energy Efficiency, Passes Away

Art Rosenfeld, a Berkeley Lab Distinguished Scientist Emeritus who was also known as California’s “godfather” of energy efficiency and has been credited with being personally responsible for billions of dollars in energy savings, died Friday at his home in Berkeley. He was 90. More>