Today at Berkeley Lab

Early Career LDRD: Woodburn Researches State’s Groundwater Supply

Erica Woodburn first fell in love with hydrogeology as an undergraduate majoring in geology. Today, she is a researcher in the Lab’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Area. Through funding from an Early Career Laboratory Directed Research and Development Award, she is developing a new modeling technique that employs remote sensing technology to understand the effects of climate change on California’s groundwater supply. More>

Berkeley Lab Quantum Science EFRC Receives DOE Funding

A new Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) led by Berkeley Lab is among 42 EFRC projects to collectively receive $100 million in funding from the DOE. The Center for Novel Pathways to Quantum Coherence in Materials will build on unique Lab capabilities and expertise in quantum materials and quantum coherence to develop new approaches to quantum information science and technology. More>

ESnet Shares $3.5 Million NSF Grant to Accelerate Sharing of Big Data

The three-year, $3.5 million grant the National Science Foundation awarded to Indiana University and the Lab’s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) will create EPOC, the Engagement and Performance Operations Center, which will allow researchers to routinely, reliably, and robustly transfer data through a holistic approach to understanding the full pipeline of data movement — and better supporting collaborative science. More>

Early Career LDRD Spotlight: Roux Explores Hidden World of Microbial Viruses

Simon Roux of the Joint Genome Institute has been taking aim at an elusive mystery: How do viruses infect the millions of trillions of tiny microbes that inhabit the Earth? Now with funding from an Early Career Laboratory Directed Research and Development award, he may get closer to finding important clues. More>

Early Career LDRD Spotlight: Eloe-Fadrosh Explores Infinite Microbial Universe

With funding provided through an Early Career Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Award, Emily Eloe-Fadrosh leads a team of researchers at the Joint Genome Institute in search of clues — hidden deep in the DNA of tiny creatures called microbes — that could lead to a better understanding of our soil, water, air, and perhaps even our health. More>

Early Career LDRD Spotlight: Peter Agbo Looks to Nature for Better Fuels

Just three years after joining Berkeley Lab as a postdoc, Peter Agbo — a researcher with the Chemical Sciences Division and the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) — is entering the next stage of his young career. He is leading a team in the design of inorganic catalysts modeled after natural enzymes to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into fuels. More>

New Strategic Partnerships Office Formed

As of March 1, the Lab’s contracts officers who support non-DOE federal and non-federal work (formerly referred to as Work for Others) have been merged into a new group – the Strategic Partnerships Office – within the Lab Directorate. More>

Cyclotron Road’s Iris PV Garners New Funding, Name Change

Iris PV has changed its name to Tandem PV and is gaining great momentum with recent funding wins, including nearly $1 million in grants. The Cyclotron Road project is now busily pursuing pilot projects based on its perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell. The materials’ printability could allow solar cells to be mass-produced cheaply. More>

EESA Scientists Study Next-Gen Electric Meters to Detect Seismic Risk

A research team led by Kurt Nihei of the Energy Geosciences Division has received funding through the Laboratory Directed Research and Development program to collaborate with Pacific Gas & Electric to evaluate the ability of next-generation electric meters to assess regional seismic risk. More>

Cyclotron Road Startup Secures Seed Funding From Boeing

Cyclotron Road fellow Richard Wang, whose startup Cuberg enables safe, high-performance batteries for critical applications, has closed a second round of seed funding, led by Boeing HorizonX Ventures. This second round brings Cuberg’s total funding to $3.3 million in grant funding and investment to date. More>