Today at Berkeley Lab

Graphene-Based Catalyst Improves Peroxide Production

Hydrogen peroxide does more than lighten hair color and remove stains. It’s an important commodity chemical with a growing demand in many areas, including the electronics industry, paper recycling, and wastewater treatment. Researchers have used the Advanced Light Source to characterize a carbon-based material that makes the production of hydrogen peroxide more selective, efficient, and cost effective. More>

New Clues to Oxygen’s Role in Higher-Capacity Batteries

In lithium-ion batteries, electrodes made of transition-metal oxides demonstrate storage capacities far beyond what’s expected. At the Advanced Light Source, measurement of the chemical activity of the oxygen in the material showed that the activity depends on the type of transition metal used, providing new insight into the development of advanced high-capacity lithium-ion cathodes. More>

July 22 Water-Energy Nexus Seminar on Trends in California’s Water Footprint

Heather Cooley of the Pacific Institute examines how globalized trade and consumption patterns have impacted California’s water footprint. With climate change and pressures on water resources, she will discuss why California’s policymaking should examine these trends and develop approaches to mitigate water-related risks. The talk begins at noon in Bldg. 90-3122. More>

ETA’s Srinivasan is Finalist for East Bay Innovation Award

Venkat Srinivasan of the Energy Technologies Area was a finalist for the East Bay Economic Development Alliance Innovation Awards. He was recognized in the “Catalyst” category for his efforts towards creating the CalCharge consortium, which connects East Bay companies with Lab scientists to develop battery technology. More>