Today at Berkeley Lab

Berkeley Lab Team Takes Part in DOE’s Energy I-Corps Program

Biosciences Area researchers Marcin Joachimiak and Deepti Tanjore are representing the Lab at the U.S. Department of Energy’s I-Corps program, an intensive two-month training course that pairs national laboratory researchers with industry mentors to develop viable market pathways for their technologies. The pair presented their project during the opening session held October 1–5 in Golden, Colorado. More>

Apply for DOE’s FY19 Technology Commercialization Fund

The Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF), offered by DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions, supports promising commercial technologies as they develop along the lab-to-market path. Proposal Eligibility Declarations for the FY19 TCF are due Nov. 5 at 3 p.m. PST. View details and eligibility requirements. Up to $28.3 million is available for FY19 funding. Three Berkeley Lab proposals were funded in FY18.

Ice Sheet Simulations at NERSC Shed Light on Sea Level Rise Projections

The BISICLES (Berkeley Ice Sheet Initiative for CLimate ExtremeS) program is an important tool for research into how the loss of Antarctic ice shelves could contribute to sea level rise. The simulations shown here, created at NERSC by Lab scientist Dan Martin, demonstrate the millennial-scale vulnerability of the ice sheet due solely to the loss of its ice shelves. More>

Report Highlights 40 Years of Basic Energy Science at DOE

The Department of Energy has issued a report highlighting outstanding examples of major scientific accomplishments emerging from 40 years of DOE Basic Energy Sciences support of the national labs. Lab research and facilities were among the highlights included in the report, and various employees served as resources.

Lab Participates in Recent Innovation XLab Energy Storage Summit

The Innovation XLab Energy Storage Summit, held this week at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, explored energy storage and its potential to boost transportation and a distributed electricity grid. The event showcased the resources available at DOE national labs that can be leveraged by industry for energy storage applications. This highlights video mentions NERSC and includes an interview with Associate Lab Director Ravi Prasher.

DOE Renews Funding for Joint Center for Energy Storage Research

The Department of Energy this week announced plans to provide $120 million over five years to the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), an Innovation Hub devoted to advancing battery science and technology. The hub is led by Argonne National Lab, with Berkeley Lab among its partners. More>

DOE, Ad Council Collaborate on #SheCanStem Campaign

The Department of Energy is collaborating with the Ad Council to support the She Can STEM campaign, which introduces women who are changing the world with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and seeks to encourage girls and young women to pursue education and careers in STEM fields.

Cyclotron Road Technologies Receive R&D Funding From DOE

The Department of Energy provided $80 million for 36 projects to support bioenergy research and development. Among the recipients were Visolis and Mosaic Materials, both part of Cyclotron Road’s first cohort. A third Cyclotron Road company, Fervo Energy (cohort four), was among four projects that received $4.45 million for early-stage research and development of tools and technologies for enhanced geothermal systems.

JBEI Team Honored by Secretary of Energy

Rick Perry awarded a Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award to the Pretreatment and Process Development Team of the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI). The team was recognized for pioneering the development of biomass-derived ionic liquids (“bionic liquids”) to enable efficient and sustainable one-pot biofuel conversion technologies. The multi-lab team includes Lab researchers Blake Simmons and Corinne Scown. More>

Joint Center for Energy Storage Research Wins Secretary of Energy Achievement Award

Rick Perry has awarded a Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award to the scientific and operational leadership team for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR). The center seeks to develop high-performance, low-cost energy storage technologies for transportation and the electric grid. The award-winning team includes Berkeley Lab researchers Nitash Balsara, Gerbrand Ceder, and Kristin Persson. More>