Today at Berkeley Lab

CSD’s Hartwig Awarded Wolf Prize in Chemistry

John Hartwig, head of the Catalysis and Chemical Transformations Program in the Chemical Sciences Division and professor of chemistry at UC Berkeley, has been awarded the Wolf Prize in Chemistry for the development of efficient transition-metal catalysts that have revolutionized drug manufacturing. More>

Royal Society of Chemistry Highlights CSD’s Toma in ‘Women of Materials Science’

A study co-authored by Francesca Toma of the Chemical Sciences Division and the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis is featured in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Celebrating Excellence in Research: Women of Materials Science,” a collection of high-quality papers by female researchers. More>

This Multitasking Solar Cell Makes Hydrogen Fuel and Electricity at the Same Time

Researchers at Berkeley Lab and the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, a DOE Energy Innovation Hub, have developed an artificial photosynthesis device called a “hybrid photoelectrochemical and voltaic (HPEV) cell” that turns sunlight and water into two types of energy – hydrogen fuel and electricity. More>

New Clues to Cut Through the Mystery of Titan’s Atmospheric Haze

Experiments at Berkeley Lab have helped scientists zero in on a low-temperature chemical mechanism that may help explain the complex molecular compounds that make up the nitrogen-rich haze layer surrounding Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. More>

Frances Houle Elected to Board of Materials Research Society

Frances Houle, deputy director for science and research integration at the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, and senior scientist in the Chemical Sciences Division, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Materials Research Society (MRS). Board members are elected by MRS members from a pool of nominees who have made exceptional contributions to MRS, materials science, and other materials organizations. Houle’s three-year term begins January 1, 2019.

Berkeley Lab to Push Quantum Information Science Frontiers With New Programs in Computing, Physics, Materials, and Chemistry

A series of DOE Office of Science awards announced today significantly expand Berkeley Lab’s efforts in quantum information science – … More»

Graphene-Based Catalyst Improves Peroxide Production

Hydrogen peroxide does more than lighten hair color and remove stains. It’s an important commodity chemical with a growing demand in many areas, including the electronics industry, paper recycling, and wastewater treatment. Researchers have used the Advanced Light Source to characterize a carbon-based material that makes the production of hydrogen peroxide more selective, efficient, and cost effective. More>

Teresa Head-Gordon Named ACS Fellow

The American Chemical Society has named Teresa Head-Gordon – a faculty staff scientist in the Lab’s Chemical Sciences Division and a professor of chemistry, bioengineering, and chemical and biomolecular engineering at UC Berkeley – as an ACS Fellow for 2018. The new ACS Fellows will be honored at the ACS national meeting in Boston this August. More>

Splitting Water: Nanoscale Imaging Yields Key Insights

Researchers Johanna Eichhorn and Francesca Toma of Chemical Sciences, working with scientists at the Molecular Foundry, have pioneered a technique that uses nanoscale imaging to understand how local, nanoscale properties can affect a material’s macroscopic performance, allowing them to map the current at every point of a photoelectrochemical material for use in an artificial photosynthesis system. More>

Berkeley Chemists Win Prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Awards

The award winners include Christopher Chang, John Hartwig, Daniel Neumark, and Dean Toste, all with the Lab’s Chemical Sciences Division, and who hold joint appointments at UC Berkeley. The Royal Society of Chemistry chooses award winners for the originality and impact of their research, or for their contributions to the chemical sciences industry or chemistry education. More>