Today at Berkeley Lab

Career Planning Workshops on July 30

Is your career headed in the right direction? At Berkeley Lab Learning Institute’s career planning workshops on July 30, you can clarify your career values and interests and develop an action plan to meet your goals. Taught by a career-counseling specialist, this session will help you develop a career action plan and provide tools and resources to support your efforts. Two workshops are offered: a postdoc and research assistant version (BLI0118) focusing on issues in scientific careers, and a non-scientific employee version (BLI0119) focusing on general career planning issues. Registration required. If the workshop is full, contact [email protected] to be placed on a waiting list.

Performance Review Discussion Workshops Start July 16

Does the thought of an annual performance review discussion make you uncomfortable? If so, you’re not alone: supervisors and employees alike are often anxious about these conversations. But they actually can be a great chance to build stronger working relationships. Find out more by attending a Performance Review Discussion Workshop, conducted by Berkeley Lab Learning Institute. These sessions are relevant for both scientists and non-scientists. You’ll analyze video recordings of review conversations and learn useful communication techniques. Attend the supervisor workshop (BLI2019) on July 16 or 31, or the employee workshop (BLI2020) on July 18 or August 8. All run from 10 a.m. to noon. Registration required.

Workshop on Communication and Personality Style Differences

Are you struggling to communicate with someone at work? Could personality style differences be the reason? Attend BLI3003 Understanding Differences: Personality Styles on Wednesday, June 26, from 9 a.m. to noon, to learn how to enhance your interactions with others whose styles are different than your own. During this Berkeley Lab Learning Institute workshop, you’ll take a personality style assessment and work on case studies to identify solutions to common style-related communication issues. Registration required.

Presentation Skills Workshop for English Language Learners

Want to enhance your skills in preparing and making presentations in English? Attend Presentation Skills for English Language Learners (BLI1125), a Berkeley Lab Learning Institute (BLI) course open to scientific and operations staff members whose native language is not English. Conducted from 1 to 3 p.m. on Fridays, July 12 through Sept. 6, this course will help you clearly convey your message in English and increase your confidence through practice and individual feedback. Registration required. Obtain a Project ID Number from your supervisor to cover the course cost of $275. If the course is full, contact [email protected] to be placed on a waiting list.

Enhance Your Supervisory Skills at June 19 Workshop

How do you manage a technically talented employee with poor communication skills? What can you do about a poor performer who’s coming back from medical leave? Find out the best approaches to these and other performance management challenges at Berkeley Lab Learning Institute’s Supervisor Scenario Workshop (BLI0122) on Wednesday, June 19, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. This workshop is required for all new supervisors and a helpful refresher for those with more experience. Using a problem-solving model, you’ll work on a variety of case study scenarios, with Laboratory subject matter experts on hand to answer your questions. Registration required.

June 4 Workshop on Understanding Cultural Differences

Are you struggling to communicate with someone on your team? Could cultural differences be the reason? To get the most out of a multicultural team, it’s important to understand these differences and learn to collaborate effectively. Find out more at Understanding Differences for Better Team Performance: Cultural Differences (BLI3002), a Berkeley Lab Learning Institute workshop, on Tuesday, June 4. Participants will analyze their own cultural style, learn multicultural communication techniques, and create an action plan to enhance your team’s interactions. Registration required.

‘Job Hunting in Academia’ Workshop on May 2

Are you organized for your academic job search? Join Cynthia Fuhrmann on Thursday, May 2, for Job Hunting in Academia Part I (BLI1063), a Berkeley Lab Learning Institute workshop, for tips on refining and tailoring your cover letter, CV, and research and teaching statements to help ensure they stand out from the pack. Fuhrmann, assistant dean of Career & Professional Development at the University of Massachusetts, has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from UCSF and a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from UC Davis. This session is part of BLI’s Career Development Workshop Series for postdocs and graduate students. Scientists are also welcome to attend. Registration required.

Class on Archiving Files and Records on April 25

Are you running out of space in your office, moving to a new office, or tasked with processing the records of retiring (or already retired) scientists? Learn more about files that need to be kept, which can be archived, which can be disposed of, and DOE and Lab compliance at a workshop (BLI0926) sponsored by the Archives and Records Office (ARO) and the Berkeley Lab Learning Institute (BLI) on Thursday, April 25, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in Perseverance Hall. Registration is required. More>

April 18 Workshop on Career and Leadership Strategies

It takes certain skills and strategies to maximize scientific career opportunities and develop as a leader — but according to Peter Fiske, none of them are taught in grad school. Attend Stepping Up: Practical Career and Leadership Advice for Scientists (BLI1072) on Thursday, April 18, from noon to 1:30 p.m., to hear Fiske’s insightful perspectives. The author of “Put Your Science to WORK: A Take-Charge Career Guide for Scientists” and a career columnist for Science and Nature, Fiske regularly conducts workshops at UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. He is also a serial entrepreneur and CEO of PAX Water Technologies, Inc. Registration required.

March 21 Webinars on Time Management and Effective Meetings

Always feeling rushed? Wishing your meetings could be more productive? On Thursday, March 21, Berkeley Lab Learning Institute will offer two one-hour webinars that can help. Managing Your Time and Getting Things Done (BLI0132) will explore best practices for managing your workload and responding to changing priorities. Conducting Effective Meetings (BLI0131) will provide useful tips for planning meetings, handling challenging participants and keeping discussion on track. Content is relevant for all employees, and you’ll participate from the convenience of your own desk. Registration required.