Today at Berkeley Lab

Researcher Captures Stunning Double Rainbow

The weather was frightful on Monday, but something beautiful emerged as a result. An employee at the Advanced Light Source (who chose to remain nameless) was in the right place at the right time to capture this beautiful double rainbow near the Molecular Foundry.

Periodic Closing of Segre Road From Dec. 16 to 31

To accommodate the demolition of Building 16, periodic road closures of Segre Road, between Buildings 7 and 52, will occur between Dec. 16 and 31 from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but only when active work is being performed. For more information, contact Bob Cronin (x2849) or Ted Mankowski (x2012). More>

Two Beautiful Light Sources Up on the Hill Last Friday

While the weather has been ugly as of late, it brought out a gorgeous rainbow that arced over the Advanced Light Source last Friday. The image was taken by Ken Goldberg, deputy director of the Materials Sciences Division’s Center for X-Ray Optics.

Explore Berkeley Lab Via a New Interactive Map

What kind of research takes place in Building 64? Where are KBase and JCAP? Where does Lee Road lead? Berkeley Lab can be a confusing place for first-time visitors and long-time employees alike, so the IT Division and Public Affairs teamed up to create a new interactive map. It’s designed for anyone who wants to learn more about Berkeley Lab and navigate from place to place. The map includes the main site and off-site locations, bus stops and roads, historical info, and more. It can also be viewed on smart phones. Explore the map here and provide feedback here.

Peers Nominate Each Other in Record Numbers

Berkeley Lab would like to thank those who received Safety Spot awards this past year. After EHSS revamped and relaunched the award program last March, 119 staff and affiliates from every division were honored (including some subcontractors), while Facilities recognized an additional 37 in its division. Safety Spot awards acknowledge those who exemplify the Lab’s safety culture, whether it’s an employee who sees and reports an unsafe condition, or one who initiates or actively participates in a safety or environmental improvement effort. EHSS has been working to continue improving the award process. Anyone can nominate a coworker whom they believe is deserving.

Hispanic Physicists Sought For Radio Interviews

Jorge Lopez, a physics professor from the University of Texas at El Paso and a summer Lab affiliate through the Visiting Faculty Program, is looking for Hispanic physicists to interview for a radio show sponsored by the American Physical Society. The goal of the program is to showcase professional physicists to the Hispanic community through radio capsules and other web services. If interested please contact Jorge Lopez before August 9 at x5870 or [email protected].

Aloha Spirit, Tacky Sweater Contest Winners Crowned at Holiday Party

With grab bags full of goodies and yummy hot coco in hand, a cheery crowd of staff turned out for the Lab’s holiday party on Dec. 17. The festivities were highlighted by a performance of Christmas carols by the Ukulele Club, a dancing Santa, and a dual contest to see who wore the tackiest holiday sweater (won by Olga Poblete. left) and who exhibited the most aloha spirit (won by Jim DeYoreo). Go here to view photos from the festivities.

Facilities 'Steps Up' Its Holiday Spirit With Christmas Ladder

It’s tall, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, and holds strings of lights and ornaments perfectly. The only thing it’s missing is that wonderful pine smell. A trio of Facilities staff in Building 76 wanted to deck their halls with some holiday decorations and saw one of the most common tools of the trade as the ideal prop. Janice Sexson came up with the creative idea and got decorating help from Paloma Vils and Bernie Canio. The holiday ladder is stationed in the kitchen area, for those who want to check it out. Have you and your colleagues decorated your office for the holidays? If so, send along a picture and we’ll post it in Today at Berkeley Lab next week. Click on image to view a larger version.

Magic in the Sky

Most of us were hunched over our computers on Tuesday at around 4:45 p.m., trying to get the day’s work done. That’s what Lorraine Dowling in the Directorate was doing as well, but out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of magic in the sky. She went out on the deck of the fourth floor of Building 50 with her camera and captured this incredible sunset. Click on the image to see a larger version. Dowling is the president of the Lab’s Photo Club. Those who want to learn more about taking photos are invited to join. Contact Dowling for more information.

Help Feed the Hungry This Holiday Season with Food Donations

The Lab is again participating in a collection of non-perishable food items, benefitting Alameda (Berkeley sites) and Contra Costa County (JGI) food banks. Barrels are located in the cafeteria lobby, Building 90, the Molecular Foundry, Potter St., JBEI, and JGI. Among the most-needed items are peanut butter, hearty soups, dried or canned beans, cans of tuna, fruit, vegetables, and tomato products, enriched rice or pasta, and iron-rich, whole-grain cereal. The Contra Costa food bank feeds about 130,000 people per month, while the Alameda County food bank provides about 300,000 meals a week. Children make up a large portion of the clients for both agencies.