Today at Berkeley Lab

Lab Employees Recognized as American Physical Society Fellows

Congratulations to the five Berkeley Lab employees who have been elected as American Physical Society Fellows in the class of 2018. The election is based on exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise. The Fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one’s professional peers. Also, two other employees received APS awards.  More>

Toward a New Light: Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Moves Forward

The Advanced Light Source (ALS), a scientific user facility at Berkeley Lab, has received federal approval (an approval step known as Critical Decision 1, or CD-1) to proceed with preliminary design, planning and R&D work for a major upgrade project that will boost the brightness of its X-ray beams at least a hundredfold. The upgrade will give the ALS, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary, brighter beams with a more ordered structure.  More>

In the Transition From Metal to Insulator, Missing Oxygen Atoms Matter

The ability of certain advanced materials to switch from being metallic to insulating could be useful for building next-generation electronic devices. But how can this transition be controlled? Researchers have used the Advanced Light Source to show that, in one engineered material, defects in the form of missing oxygen atoms can serve as a “tuning knob” for the metal-to-insulator transition. More>

New Clues to Oxygen’s Role in Higher-Capacity Batteries

In lithium-ion batteries, electrodes made of transition-metal oxides demonstrate storage capacities far beyond what’s expected. At the Advanced Light Source, measurement of the chemical activity of the oxygen in the material showed that the activity depends on the type of transition metal used, providing new insight into the development of advanced high-capacity lithium-ion cathodes. More>