Today at Berkeley Lab

Strike Readiness: What to Expect Monday Morning

Next week, three University of California bargaining units (unions) that represent Berkeley Lab employees are planning to conduct strikes across the UC system. Strike activity is expected to begin Monday morning, May 7 for AFSCME and Tuesday morning, May 8, for UPTE. (For details, see “Next Week’s UC Strike and How It Might Affect the Lab.”)

At Berkeley Lab, the strike will cause gate restrictions, shuttle bus route changes, and other possible disruptions. (See “What You Need to Know about Next Week’s Strike.”)

Who’s striking? AFSCME is conducting a primary economic strike and UPTE is conducting a legal sympathy strike. AFSCME- and UPTE-represented employees may or may not picket or attend work on the days of their announced strike activity.

Picketing: It is not known whether the strike will include picketing at Berkeley Lab gates. Note that lawful picketing is  a protected form of civil expression as long as it is peaceful, does not block access to the site for other employees, does not interfere with the normal course of business, and does not prohibit non-striking employees from working.

Non-striking employees: Non-striking employees should avoid confrontations and need not respond to picketers. If any employee feels harassed or prevented from working by picketers or striking employees, the employee should notify his or her supervisor, or contact Employee & Labor Relations at [email protected].

Right to enter Lab property unimpeded: The law protects the right of all employees to cross a picket line and come to work.

Traffic delays: Be aware that traffic delays are likely to occur at Lab gates or on UC Berkeley property, whether or not picketing occurs, due to increased security measures and the need to comply with labor laws regarding gate access and restrictions. All Lab personnel are asked to plan for delays and make safety their number one priority.

Deliveries: UPS has informed the Lab that it will not make deliveries to the Lab during the strike. FedEx has stated it will service the Lab as usual.

Reminder about gate restrictions: During the strike period, the Strawberry Gate is for the exclusive use of construction contractors, their subcontractors, and their suppliers. Berkeley Lab employees will not be permitted to enter or exit through the Strawberry Gate. The Blackberry and Grizzly Gates are for use by the public, Berkeley Lab and UC employees and their visitors and guests, and Lab and UC vendors and suppliers. Note that the Grizzly Gate will be open for entry into the Lab from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm during the strike. The Blackberry Gate will be open 24 hours. See the map.

Reminder about security checks: Additional security checks will be performed at all Berkeley Lab gates during the strike to ensure that personnel use the correct gate. Employees are asked to have their badges and IDs ready for inspection and be prepared to answer questions. Additionally, Lab Security will screen vehicles lacking Berkeley Lab parking permits at each gate; the Blackberry Gate security check will take place below the horseshoe parking lot (Lot F), near the Foothill Lot.

Reminder about modified Orange shuttle bus route: The Orange Shuttle will access the Lab through the Blackberry Gate and maintain all regular Lab pickup locations, with the Pool and Rim Way stops on Centennial Drive closed. Riders should use the East Gate stop as an alternate. See map.

Clarification/correction: Wednesday’s TABL article stated that “all supervisors at the Lab have been asked to notify all employees (represented and non-represented) that they must abide by their planned/regular work schedules during the strike.” Represented employees who are members of bargaining units participating in a legal strike have a right to strike and should not be notified.

Questions: An email account has been set up for employees who have strike-related questions: [email protected]. This account will be monitored by a team from Human Resources, Facilities, and Protective Services, who will respond to queries in a timely manner.

Reporting concerns: As always, if you see any safety issues or life-threatening emergencies, call 9-1-1 immediately. For any other incidents or concerns, contact the Laboratory Operations Center at 510-486-6999.

Updates: Watch for updated information in TABL, via email, at the 1-800-445-5830 call-in line, and at