Today at Berkeley Lab

Scott Fong Appointed as Export Compliance Officer

Scott Fong, J.D., has been selected to fill a new full-time position as the Lab’s Export Compliance Officer. Fong will report through the Office of the Laboratory Counsel.

While the Lab typically operates under the fundamental research exception for export control, export control regulations still impact many Lab activities that do not qualify for the exception. Examples include international shipping, performing proprietary research for foreign or defense department sponsors, hiring and collaborating with foreign nationals here or abroad, or any other activities that may potentially “export” non-public technology to non-U.S. persons or organizations. 

To a lesser but still important degree, Lab Export Control coordinates with Protective Services and DOE Counter Intelligence to mitigate against national security risks at the Lab.  
In this new and expanded role, Fong will have more time to work directly with department and division management across the Lab to develop and ensure implementation of appropriate best practices and training to reduce and/or eliminate export control risks encountered in the Lab’s business processes or research.  Additional information about export controls can be found here.

Fong can be contacted at [email protected] or at [email protected].