Today at Berkeley Lab

Sandia’s Glenn Kubiak Selected as Lab’s New Chief Operating Officer

Glenn D. Kubiak, director of the Biological and Materials Sciences Center at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, has been named Berkeley Lab’s Chief Operating Officer, succeeding Jim Krupnick. He will begin his new duties on July 16. “Berkeley Lab science depends critically on efficient and effective operations, and the Berkeley Lab tradition is for scientific and operational staff to work closely together to achieve our goals,” said Lab Director Paul Alivisatos. “Glenn Kubiak has a tremendous range of experience in both science and operations, and will be a great leader for Berkeley Lab operations.”

Kubiak, whose 28 years at Sandia include stints as a technical researcher, technical manager and operations manager, and is the current chair of the Board of Directors for the Joint BioEnergy Institute. A scientist by trade — he holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Stanford — the New England native comes to Berkeley Lab with broad experience in budget and project management, program development, performance and compensation management, leadership and diversity development, and environmental health and safety. He also leads the intellectual property lifecycle management process for Sandia/ California.

In his various technical and management roles at Sandia, which cover such areas as biofuels, biosciences, biodefense and emerging infectious disease and materials sciences for advanced energy applications, Kubiak has frequently partnered with Berkeley Lab scientists on programs ranging from Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography to the proposed joint battery hub.

In his new role as COO and Associate Laboratory Director, Kubiak will take charge of a 700-employee Operations enterprise that includes Environment, Health and Safety, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Public Affairs and Workforce Diversity.

“Berkeley Lab science changes the world,” says Kubiak and with its long history of exceptional research, “Berkeley Lab is clearly the class of the Office of Science labs.”

Operations, with its emphasis on customer service and enabling support, is essential to this continued success, Kubiak believes. “In Operations, when we delight our customers, we help change the world,” he observes. Coupled with the operational excellence demanded for such anticipated projects as the Next Generation Light Source and the Richmond Bay Campus, Kubiak welcomes the opportunity to integrate science and service in ways that build momentum and a greater sense of shared purpose.

“I couldn’t be happier to be coming at a time when Berkeley Lab is preparing to create a new institutional footprint for the Lab’s second century. I look forward to that challenge, and to being a member of this world-class community.”