Today at Berkeley Lab

Royalties Near All Time High

Front row, L to R: Geoffrey Bell, Eddie Rubin, Kate Coughlin, Ted Chang, Ted Sun, Doron Rotem, Arie Shoshani, David Bailey, Joe Huang, Paul Alivisatos, Andre Anders, Kin Man Yu, Duo Wang, Nitash Balsara, Joe Jaklevik, Cheryl Fragiadakis, Todd DeSantis

Back row, L to R: Robert Cheng, Steve Holland, Pavel Afonine, Don Groom
Steve Selkowitz, Craig Jacobson, Paul Adams, Nigel Moriarty, Greg Newman, Stefan Finsterle, Nord Andresen, Andreas Schmid, Jian Jin, Gary Andersen

in attendance but not pictured: Dan Callahan, John Bielicki

Licensed Berkeley Lab inventions, software and published books yielded royalties of
over $3.6 million in FY11, a 39 percent increase over FY10. The latest figures stirred
optimism that royalties would resume what had been a steady growth trend prior to the
previous year, which had reflected the recession’s industry belt-tightening and reduced

The researchers’ share of the royalties, totaling over $1.1 million, went to 136 scientists.
As in past years, members of the TOUGH software development team elected to reinvest
their entire inventors’ share into ongoing upgrades to their popular simulation programs
for analyzing geothermal and hydrocarbon reservoirs, among other subsurface systems.

Many of the researchers were on hand Jan. 27 to receive their royalty checks from Lab
Director Paul Alivisatos and Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management
Head Cheryl Fragiadakis. In his introductory comments to the gathered inventors,
Director Alivisatos linked successful licensing and commercialization with the Lab’s
mission, “Bringing science solutions to the world.”

He added, “I encourage the inventors here today to enable more technology transfer by
mentoring colleagues who want their own discoveries to reach society through the

Offering exclusive or non-exclusive rights to Lab technologies ensures that the Lab’s
inventions are successfully commercialized and, ultimately, meet society’s needs.
Berkeley Lab Technology Transfer negotiates the right to use Berkeley Lab inventions
with organizations from Fortune 500 firms to small start-ups. To learn more about how
the Lab’s Technology Transfer Department works with researchers and their inventions,

Following is a complete list of technologies that generated royalty income in FY11 from
exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, copyrighted software and book publications, and
transfer of biological material:

Aerosol-based duct sealing system
Therapeutics for cardiovascular disease
Advanced blood lipoprotein testing for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease
Ion mobility lipoprotein subfraction tests
Gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease
Diagnostics for tumor metastasis
Phylochip array for microbiome analysis
Cathodic arc plasma system with twist filter
Low resistivity photon-transparent window attached to photo-sensitive silicon detector
Highly sensitive room temperature semiconductor radiation detectors
Electron microscope phase enhancement
Gas-filled panels for building insulation and shipping containers
Nanocrystal technology for bio and electronics applications
Visual servoing optical microscopy for biological applications
TEAM: transmission electron aberration-corrected microscope
Energy efficient fume hood
Mercury removal for coal plants
Isolating metal contaminants in semiconductors
Low NOx burners for industrial use and air heaters
Carbon nanotubes for field emission displays
Multi-band semiconductors for high-efficiency solar cells
Solid oxide fuel cells and other electrochemical devices
Thermoelectric heat recovery
Nanostructured polymer electrolyte for rechargeable lithium batteries
Cell senescence research reagents
Transition-metal switchable mirrors
New materials through combinatorial synthesis
Robotics for nanovolume protein crystallography
Home Energy Saver software for residential buildings
EnergyPlus, energy simulation software for building design
Geo-hydrophysical modeling software
Phenix software for automated macromolecular crystallography
Software for oil and gas exploration
TOUGH software for modeling multiphase fluid and heat flow
Transgenic mice for sickle cell disease research
Integrated circuit for multi-channel solid state detectors
Thermal radiation shield for Ge Spectrometer
Books authored by Berkeley Lab researchers on particle physics, experimental math,
scientific data management and energy efficient windows

A complete list of start-up companies based on Berkeley Lab technologies can be found