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Royalties Earned by 165 Lab Researchers

Front row (l-r): Bahram Bahrami, Kin Man Yu, Martha Stampfer, Grace Lau, Robert Glaeser, Eleanor Blakeley, Jian Jin
Second row: Steve Holland, Tal Sholkapper, Michael Tucker, Bill Kolbe, Robert Cheng, Ulli Weier, Todd DeSantis
Third row: Steve Selkowitz, Christian Kohler, Fred Buhl, Nigel Moriarty, Pavel Afonine, Ashok Gadgil, Nord Andresen

At the Lab’s annual royalty distribution event on Jan. 26, Director Paul Alivisatos acknowledged Berkeley Lab researchers with successfully licensed and commercialized inventions. He encouraged the group to mentor other researchers seeking to move technologies into society and the marketplace.

More scientists than ever—165—earned royalties in FY10 with their share of the licensing income totaling $718,000. Many were on hand at the Jan. 26 event to receive checks from the Lab Director and Technology Transfer Department Head Cheryl Fragiadakis.

The Lab’s annual licensing income has grown from $65,000 in FY94 to $2.6 million in FY10. Last year’s income represents a decrease from FY09’s all-time high $3.8 million as some companies saw reduced sales and others chose to delay acquiring new licenses or even release intellectual property rights to reduce expenses.

In spite of the economic downturn, Berkeley Lab technologies gave rise to three new startups in FY10: Alphabet Energy, PhyloTech and ProGDerm. Alphabet Energy is developing a thermoelectric material for waste heat recovery. PhyloTech uses the Berkeley Lab PhyloChip technology to provide microbial profiling for human health and environmental projects. ProGDerm will commercialize a technology to normalize damaged skin.

Berkeley Lab Technology Transfer negotiates the right to use Berkeley Lab inventions with organizations from Fortune 500 firms to small start-ups. Offering exclusive or non-exclusive rights to the technologies ensures that the Lab’s inventions are successfully commercialized and, ultimately, meet society’s needs. Go here learn more about how the Lab’s Technology Transfer Department works with researchers and their inventions.

Following is a complete list of technologies that generated royalty income in FY10 from exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, copyrighted software and book publications, and transfer of biological material:

Aerosol-based duct sealing system
Therapeutics for cardiovascular disease
Advanced blood lipoprotein testing for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease
Large patterned arrays of neurons on charge-coupled devices
Low resistivity photon-transparent window attached to photo-sensitive silicon detector
Highly sensitive room temperature semiconductor radiation detectors
Electron microscope phase enhancement
Gas-filled panels for building insulation and shipping containers
Disposable, high pressure microfluidic chips
Gene therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
Evanescent microwave probe
Nanocrystal technology for bio and electronics applications
Visual servoing optical microscopy for biological applications
Low NOx burners for industrial use and air heaters
Carbon nanotubes for field emission displays
Diagnostics for tumor metastasis
Phylochip array for microbiome analysis
Controlled generation of fat cells for improved skin appearance
Ion mobility lipoprotein subfraction tests
Multi-band semiconductors for high-efficiency solar cells
Life sciences library images
Nanostructured polymer electrolyte for rechargeable lithium batteries
Cell senescence research reagents
Transition-metal switchable mirrors
New materials through combinatorial synthesis
Robotics for nanovolume protein crystallography
TEAM: transmission electron aberration-corrected microscope
Books authored by Berkeley Lab researchers
EnergyPlus, energy simulation software for building design
Geo-hydrophysical modeling software
Human mammary epithelial cells
Phenix software for automated macromolecular crystallography
Software for design of energy efficient window design
Software for oil and gas exploration
TOUGH software for modeling multiphase fluid and heat flow
Transgenic mice for sickle cell disease research
Hard disk carbon coatings deposition
Low cost water purification
Solid oxide fuel cells and other electrochemical devices

A complete list of start-up companies based on Berkeley Lab technologies can be found here.

The following researchers earned royalties in FY10:

Adams, Paul D.
Afonine, Pavel V.
Ager, Joel W.
Alivisatos, Paul
Anders, Andre
Andersen, Gary
Andresen, Nord
Arasteh, Dariush K.
Bahrami, Bahram
Bailey, David H.
Balsara, Nitash P.
Bankiewicz, Krystof
Battaglia, Vincent
Benner, William H.
Berz, Martin
Bielicki, John K.
Birkholzer, Jens
Bissell, Mina
Bjornstad, Kathleen
Blakely, Eleanor
Blanche, Patricia J.
Brennan, Thomas
Brodie, Eoin
Brown, Richard E.
Bruchez, Marcel
Buhl, Walter F.
Callahan, Daniel E.
Campisi, Judith
Cheng, Robert K.
Cohen, Marvin L.
Colvin, Vicki L.
Commer, Michael
Cornell, Earl W.
Curtil, Dimitri
DeJonghe, Lutgard
DeSantis, Todd
Dimri, Goberdhan P.
Dittmer, Janke
Doughty, Christine
Duden, Thomas
Duewer, Fred W.
Eberling, Jamie L.
Echols, Nathaniel
Eitouni, Hany B.
Erdem, Ahmet E.
Finlayson, Elizabeth
Finsterle, Stefan
Forest, Etienne
Fromer, Neil A.
Gadgil, Ashok J.
Galvin, James
Gao, Chen
Gauna, Kevin
Geiger, Emil J.
Ghezzehei, Teamrat
Glaeser, Robert
Goldstein, Avery N.
Gomez, Enrique D.
Griffith, Brent T.
Grosse-Kunstleve, Ralf W.
Gur, Ilan
Hale, Frank V.
Han, Hye-Jung
Haukwa, Charles
Holland, Stephen E.
Houseworth, James
Huang, Y Joe
Hughes, Steven M.
Huizenga, Charles
Husbands, Parry
Huynh, Wendy
Ito, Kazumasa
Jacobson, Craig
Jaklevic, Joseph M.
Jin, Jian
Johansson, Jan
Jones, Arthur L.
Kinoshita, Kim
Kleinfelder, Stuart
Kohler, Christian
Kohwi, Yoshinori
Kohwi-shigematsu, Terumi
Koike, Masato
Kolbe, William F.
Kowalsky, Michael
Krauss, Ronald M.
Lau, Grace
Li, Liang-shi
Liu, Haitao
Liu, Hui-Hai
Lu, Guoping
Luke, Paul N.
Macgill, Robert A.
Mair, Dieudonne A.
Manna, Liberato
Milliron, Delia J.
Mitchell, Robin
Monteiro, Othon
Moriarty, Nigel W.
Morisis, George
Mukhopadhyay, Sumit
Narla, Mohandas
Newman, Gregory A.
Nordmeyer, Robert A.
Oldenburg, Curtis
Olshavsky, Michael A.
Orr, Joseph R.
Page, Erik
Pan, Lehua
Parvin, Bahram
Paszty, Chris
Peacocke, Monica
Peng, Xiaogang
Pennacchio, Len
Preuss, Karsten
Reagan, Matthew
Richardson, Thomas J.
Robinson, Richard D.
Rockenberger, Joerg
Rotem, Doron
Rubin, Edward M.
Rubin, Michael
Rutqvist, Jonny
Sadtler, Bryce F.
Santarsiero, Bernard D.
Sauter, Nicholas K.
Scher, Erik C.
Schlamp, Michael C.
Schultz, Peter G.
Selkowitz, Stephen E.
Seol, Yongkoo
Shan, Chao
Sholklapper, Tal
Shoshani, Arie
Siminovitch, Michael J.
Singh, Mohit
Smith, Jeremy
Sonnenthal, Eric
Spycher, Nicolas
Stampfer, Martha R.
Steefel, Carl
Stevens, Raymond
Tsang, Chin-Fu
Tucker, Michael
Turley, Eva
Visco, Stephen
Walukiewicz, Wladyslaw
Wei, Tao
Weier, Ulli
Weiss, Shimon
Winkelmann, Frederick C.
Wu, Junqiao
Wu, Yu-shu
Xu, Tianfu
Xiang, Xiao-Dong
Yang, Haitao
Yegian, Derek
Yu, Kin Man
Zettl, Alex K.
Zhang, Guoxiang
Zhang, Keni
Zhang, Yingqi
Zhou, QuanLin
Zhu, Ling
Zwart, Petrus