Today at Berkeley Lab

Reflection on the Wildfires

Dear Colleagues,

2018 is the deadliest wildfire season in California’s history.

Dozens have lost their lives and many more are still missing, thousands have lost their homes, and it may take years to rebuild the communities ravaged by fire. Thousands of first responders and volunteers are on the scene in both Northern and Southern California, and many will stay for months to offer assistance.

We know of one employee who lost his home in Paradise, and more than a few of us have friends and relatives who have been evacuated and are dealing with loss. All of us are feeling the effect of the smoke that has blanketed the Bay Area. These conditions especially resonate with those of us who were in the area during the East Bay Hills fire and its aftermath.

How do we cope?

We are all united in our commitment to science in the public interest. I encourage all of our employees to support each other and the broader community through this difficult time and beyond.

Best regards,
Mike Witherell