Today at Berkeley Lab

Recap of Last Week’s Personnel Accountability Drills

Last week, Berkeley Lab’s Emergency Management Department conducted two personnel accountability drills as part of the Department of Energy’s annual Eagle Horizon continuity drill. The Lab was able to account for 79 percent of its employees, affiliates, and contractors in the first drill and 93 percent in the second drill.

In the event of an emergency, personnel accountability is performed to enable expedient and efficient search and rescue efforts, and to establish the whereabouts of mission critical personnel for the continued operation of essential Lab functions. Lessons learned from last week’s drills will improve the Lab’s ability to conduct personnel accountability and better safeguard staff.

During the drill, personnel received a message via LabAlert asking them to respond with their location. The drill did not contact all devices simultaneously, but rather in a graded approach. Devices were contacted in this order:

  • Work Email
  • Work Text and Personal Text
  • Personal Email and Home Phone
  • Office Phone

Recipients who immediately responded to a LabAlert message did not receive a message on their other devices as it was set to discontinue contact after personnel confirmed their status.

The best way to receive potentially lifesaving LabAlert messages during an emergency is by cell phone. If you have not already registered your cell phone, please do so at If you have questions about personnel accountability, please contact Emergency Management at [email protected] or read an FAQ here. Thank you again for your support and participation.