Today at Berkeley Lab

Personal Accountability Drill Tomorrow at 8 a.m.

On Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 8 a.m., all Lab employees, affiliates, and contractors will receive a text message and email, followed by a phone call, from the emergency LabAlert system. The messages will request a reply from each individual asking them to respond with their status and whereabouts. You will only need to respond once, but it is critical that you do so.

The drill will be initiated by a PA announcement followed by cascading LabAlert messages via text and email. Once you have responded and confirmed your status, the LabAlert system is set to discontinue messages.

The best way to receive LabAlert messages is by cell phone. During an emergency, the system can be used to provide life safety information and provide return-to-work instructions. If you have not registered your cell phone, please do so today.

Personnel accountability exercises are a very important way the Lab can prepare for potential emergencies. In a real emergency, responses to LabAlert messages can:

1. Expedite search and rescue efforts.
2. Reduce the risk to first responders by minimizing unnecessary rescue efforts.
3. Begin communications with people on travel in areas experiencing emergencies.
4. Reach mission-critical personnel.

This exercise, coordinated by our Lab’s Emergency Management Department, is part of the Department of Energy’s continuity of operations efforts.

Participation in this drill will help keep yourself and your colleagues safe during an emergency.