Today at Berkeley Lab

Olga Kavvada Cycles for Efficiency

May is National Bike Month, a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to give biking a try. We’ll be highlighting Berkeley Lab employees who bike to work this month, sharing their perspectives and advice.

For Olga Kavvada, a postdoctoral researcher in Berkeley Lab’s Energy Technologies Area, biking to work is all about time efficiency—there are no traffic jams in the bike lane. “By biking everywhere, I know exactly how long it will take me to get somewhere and I don’t need to plan for delays, wait times, or parking stress,” she says.
Kavvada bikes from her south Berkeley home each day to catch the shuttle up the hill, and then bikes all the way back home. “Worst case is I wait five minutes for a shuttle,” she says. “I’ve never had an issue with getting up the hill quickly.”
Getting down the hill quickly is almost too easy, as many Lab cyclists know—Kavvada says that when she first started doing it as a grad student researcher five years ago, she was nervous about taking up the whole lane. “But now I’m confident about taking the lane—it’s much safer in some stretches, like that curve after the Blackberry Gate,” she says.

“Berkeley is generally really friendly to bicyclists, as there are a lot of streets I can take during my commute that make it an enjoyable and safe ride,” says Kavvada. “I really enjoy getting a bit of exercise before sitting at a desk for eight hours.”

— By Keri Troutman