Today at Berkeley Lab

Need Help With a Potentially Challenging Conversation? Lab’s New Conflict Resolution Services Program Can Help

Workplace conflict comes in all forms. It can look like healthy collegial disagreements that generate the next great discovery, or unhealthy disputes that lead to diminished job satisfaction, productivity, or team cohesion. Today (Oct. 15), Berkeley Lab’s Human Resources Division is introducing its new Conflict Resolution Services Program designed to help resolve potentially disruptive conflict at the earliest possible stage.

“Conflict is inevitable in any organization,” said Leslie Kleiman, who heads up the mediation program. “The good news is, there are productive ways for us to engage when we disagree.”

Thirteen members of the Human Resources Division earned a certificate in mediation from UC Hastings and The HR Mediation Academy over the summer. They are available to listen and then facilitate a discussion or mediate a dispute, helping the parties find their own solutions in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

Among the Program’s main goals are to make sure all voices are heard and listened to at the Lab, and to ensure that conflict is experienced as an opportunity for learning and growth.

“Handling our inevitable conflict productively sparks creativity, and it contributes to a healthy culture based on respect, teamwork, stewardship, integrity, and trust,” said Kleiman.

The Conflict Resolution Services website has information on how to facilitate difficult conversations, along with other resources.