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Miquel Salmeron Wins 2016 Berkeley Lab Prize — Lifetime Achievement Award


The 2016 Berkeley Lab Prize – Lifetime Achievement Award has been awarded to Miquel Salmeron in recognition of his scientific achievements and leadership in surface science, revealing nanometer scale chemical, electronic, and mechanical properties of surfaces and interfaces. Salmeron, a senior staff scientist in the Materials Sciences Division and Adjunct Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department of the University California, Berkeley, developed new tools that have provided deep understanding of surface and interfacial phenomena, and his discoveries have vastly changed and advanced the scientific community’s understanding of surfaces in relation to their environment.

Over the last three decades, Salmeron has produced a large number of exceptional contributions that have irreversibly changed the field of materials surfaces and interfaces and the study of their properties for energy applications, including wetting, friction, surface reactions, catalysis, and solid-liquid interfaces. His contributions have directly and deeply impacted the strategic goals of the Lab and DOE through his programs in interface science, catalysis and tribology.

Salmeron’s development of High Pressure STM revolutionized the microscopy studies of surfaces under atmospheric gas pressures, and the APPES (or APXPS) that he developed at the Advanced Light Source has brought the science of interfaces into the 21st century, giving researchers the ability to investigate surfaces under gases at near atmospheric pressures for the first time. Salmeron’s research was responsible for putting to rest the old scientific controversy surrounding the pre-melting of ice, which had lasted since the times of Lord Kelvin and Faraday, showing that pre-melting starts a few degrees before 0oC. He demonstrated spectroscopically the segregation of halides in tropospheric droplets, which had enormous impact in ozone layer depletion. His Scanning Polarization Force Microscopy for the first time enabled the imaging of the molecular spreading of liquids, giving researchers a view of their layering and molecular orientation relative to the substrate.

Salmeron’s achievements have been widely recognized by the international scientific community, and he has been awarded numerous distinctions and awards.

The Lab community is invited to come together to honor Miquel Salmeron and the other Director’s Achievement awardees at the Director’s Achievement Award Ceremony on November 17th, 2016, at 3:00 pm in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium. The event will also be live streamed.

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