Today at Berkeley Lab

Message From Michael Brandt on Project Management and Leadership Changes in Operations

Dear colleagues:

As Mike Witherell noted on June 25 in his State of the Lab’s presentation, the Department of Energy and the taxpayers have placed great trust in us by investing in a number of new facilities and capabilities at the Lab that will drive our science in the coming decades. With this trust comes the responsibility to execute these projects successfully. I am pleased to tell you about a couple of recent changes to our Operations structure that will improve our project management capabilities at the Lab in the coming years.

Last month, I commissioned an external assessment of our project management capabilities and hired a consultant to help us to evaluate our needs. As a result of this assessment, Operations will form a new Project Management Division that focuses the resources and skills necessary to effectively manage projects at LBNL. Both the Projects and Construction Office (PCO) and the Project Management Office (PMO) will be part of the new division, and other functional needs are currently being considered. A division director position is being developed to lead the new division, and this position will be posted this summer.

In addition, a new position for a Campus Planning Officer has been posted. This person will work closely with the research divisions and Laboratory management to develop the physical infrastructure that meets the future needs of the Laboratory’s research as outlined in the Annual Laboratory Plan. Stan Tuholski has been named as Interim Campus Planning Officer while the position is being recruited.

I am also pleased to announce that Ellen Ford has been named Operations Area Deputy. This change reflects her responsibilities on the Operations leadership team and gives her the delegated authority to represent the office of the DLD for operations in my absence. In the next few months, Ellen will also be supporting the ALS-U (Advanced Light Source Upgrade) project until the open ALS Deputy of Operations position is filled later this summer.

I’ve also made the following additional leadership changes:

o Kem Robinson has taken on the role of Interim PCO Chief, in addition to his role as PMO Officer.

o John Corlett will join the PMO as deputy next week.

o While continuing to manage space for the institution, Michelle Flynn will take on dual interim roles as PCO Operations Manager and PMO Projects and Initiatives Manager.

o Stan Tuholski will remain in PCO to manage daily project operations as Kem’s deputy, while also assuming the role of Interim Campus Planning Officer.

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Kem, John, Michelle, Stan, and Ellen into their new roles.