Today at Berkeley Lab

Message From Director on Government Funding, Continuing Resolution

Dear colleagues,

Three months ago, I wrote in this space about the continuing resolution that was signed into law, keeping the federal government funded at roughly FY17 levels through Dec. 8. We have now reached that date, and as you know from the news, Congress has not reached agreement on new Appropriations legislation for FY18. However, congressional leaders are optimistic about passing a new continuing resolution that will last through December 22.

Where does this leave us? It is possible that parts of the government will be shut down for some period of time. I want to emphasize that such action does not have an immediate effect on the operation here at the Lab. All of our programs operate with modest funding reserves, and we are authorized to keep operating using those funds. In other words, we will be open for business Monday — no matter what.

We have plans in place from previous years for how to operate under a government shutdown, and we will be communicating with you continuously if we find ourselves in that situation. So once again, I ask for your patience as we wait for more news. Keep doing what you are doing, and we will update you as we get more information.

Best regards,