Today at Berkeley Lab

LGBT Pride Month: A Salute to EH&S’s Lee Aleksich

The Lab is so open and accepting I don’t recall ever having ‘come out’ here. I don’t remember having to inform someone that I had a boyfriend not a girlfriend. Nor do I ever remember feeling any discomfort personally or from anyone else when discussions about aspects of one’s love life. Overall, everyone has treated me and my love life as casual and as inconsequential as any other employee’s. I think all people want to be judged by their merits and quality of their work, not by whom they love.

In my opinion, the Lab has done everything within its power to treat LGBT employees the same as everyone else. As far as I am aware, all the benefits provided to employees are accessible to heterosexual and same sex married couples equally as well as for domestic partners. My understanding was that UC recently updated their benefits so that bonding time (for parents who adopt) was complete equal to paternity and maternity leave.