Today at Berkeley Lab

Lab Not Impacted By Proposed Federal Government Shutdown

Dear Colleagues,

If you pay attention to the news, you might be seeing discussions at the federal level about the potential for a government shutdown beginning Dec. 21.

While it’s true that a partial government shutdown might result if funding agreements for some federal departments are not reached by Dec. 21, be aware that a partial shutdown as is currently being discussed would not directly affect the Lab.

This is because funding from our primary sponsor, the Department of Energy, has already been appropriated for FY19. The National Institutes of Health is also fully funded and should not be impacted. Still, some of the Lab’s work may be affected indirectly, especially for projects with some non-DOE federal agencies.

I will keep you updated on any major impacts to the Lab as news develops in our nation’s capital.

Best regards,

Mike Witherell