Today at Berkeley Lab

In Memoriam: AFRD’s Frank Bieniosek

Frank Bieniosek joined the Lab’s Accelerator and Fusion Research Division in November 1998 as an accelerator physicist working on heavy ion beam accelerators for heavy ion fusion. He applied his extensive experience from prior work at the Fermi National Accelerator laboratory to develop beam diagnostics, which were used to achieve reliable operation of the Lab’s High Current Experiment (HCX).

Frank’s recognized expertise in diagnostics and his keen insight in interpreting complex data well-qualified him to become task leader for High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) Targets in a 2005 reorganization of the US Heavy Ion Fusion Virtual National Laboratory. Frank pioneered development of the first HEDP target chamber using intense nanosecond beams in the Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment (NDCX-I) facility at Berkeley lab. Frank discovered new HEDP phenomena in rapid transition of foils into droplets under high intensity beam heating, and he led joint collaborative HEDP experiments between the NDCX-I and GSI heavy ion beam facility in Darmstadt, Germany. Frank was a gifted experimentalist who was highly respected by all scientists in the HIFS-VNL, and was an inspiration to his team members and colleagues. He will be sorely missed by all his co-workers and collaborators around the world.

Frank passed away Oct. 20 after a difficult battle with esophageal cancer. He is survived by his wife Edith, sons Michael and Matthew, and grandson Kieran. Frank’s funeral will be on November 1st at 10:30 AM, followed by a reception in the Multipurpose Room at the Church. There will be a vigil the previous evening, October 31st, at 7:00 PM.

Both events will be held at:
St. Joan of Arc Church
2601 San Ramon Valley Blvd.
San Ramon, CA 94583