Today at Berkeley Lab

For Florian Soom, Biking to Work Is a Family Affair

Bikes have always been part of Florian Soom’s life. Like the other kids in the small Swiss village he grew up in, Soom rode his bike to school every day. And bike riding is still his vehicle of choice, whether he’s riding for fun on the San Francisco Bay Trail with his family, dropping off his young daughter at school on his way to work as a researcher in the Lab’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Area, or cruising down the Berkeley hills before picking her up after work. This experienced bicyclist says that when he’s riding with his daughter in tow, he avoids busy roads, and stops at every intersection even if there isn’t a stop sign. “It’s better to stop too often than not enough,” he adds. “Although drivers in Berkeley are usually very courteous and drive fairly slowly, I’m very alert while I’m riding and try to foresee everything that might happen.”

— By Theresa Duque