Today at Berkeley Lab

Director’s Message on Ramamoorthy Ramesh Stepping Down as ETA Leader

Dear Berkeley Lab Colleagues,

Associate Lab Director Ramamoorthy Ramesh has announced his plans to step down as the leader of the Energy Technologies Area to focus on his research in correlated oxides and ultra low-power oxide electronics.

A nationwide search for a new leader of ETA will begin immediately.

Ramesh has led ETA for four years and has accomplished a number of initiatives. He transformed the former Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) into a full-fledged Area, creating three new divisions advancing broad and innovative research in buildings science, energy-efficiency, and electric storage and distribution. A big part of the transition was streamlining and consolidating operations across the new Area. In addition, Ramesh played a significant role in improving the culture of safety, diversity and excellence in all areas of research and championing the dedicated scientists and staff throughout ETA.

Ramesh was very effective in creating a vision for ETA that encompassed five groundbreaking initiatives, including the water-energy nexus; quick scale-up of technology to the marketplace; improved urban and building infrastructure; grid 2030; and sustainable transportation. The water-energy nexus has evolved into a Lab-wide initiative.

Ramesh developed a strategic vision for driving technology innovation from discovery to first commercial use. He welcomed to the new Area the Cyclotron Road Division, an incubator designed to support and encourage new start-ups focusing on energy technologies.

When he steps down on July 1, 2018, Ramesh will continue to pursue his research at the Lab as a Faculty Senior Scientist in the Material Sciences Division. He will also remain in his position as the Purnendu Chatterjee Endowed Chair in Energy Technologies, and as a professor in both the Materials Science & Engineering and the Physics departments at UC Berkeley. He leads a thriving lab on campus studying Correlated Oxide thin films and heterostructures.

Prior to coming to Berkeley Lab four years ago, Ramesh served as Deputy Director for Science and Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In 2011, Ramesh served as the founding director for the DOE’s innovative and highly successful SunShot Initiative.
Ramesh is a UC Berkeley graduate with a Ph.D. in Materials Science. After stints at Bellcore and University of Maryland, he returned to Berkeley in 2004 and was named the Plato Malozemoff Chair in Materials Science and Physics 2009-2012. Prior to that, he was a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park.

We thank him for his significant leadership contributions to Berkeley Lab, and look forward to great breakthroughs from his future research.