Today at Berkeley Lab

Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement Announced

In October 2011, Berkeley Lab launched a new annual awards program to honor exceptional achievements by laboratory employees advancing the Lab’s mission and strategic goals. The Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement recognizes achievement in the following areas:

• Scientific: Significant scientific or technical contributions leading to important progress in an area of research or toward completion of a project
• Early Scientific Career: Significant scientific or technical contributions (within first 10 years) leading to important progress in an area of research or toward completion of a project
• Safety: Accomplishments and leadership in promoting a safety culture
• Service: Assistance provided in a spirit of cooperation and commitment to excellence
• Tech Transfer: Entrepreneurism and development of relationships with industry
• Operations: Achievement, collaboration, leadership
• Outreach: Promoting Lab’s education mission or improving community relations
• Diversity: Mentoring and leadership roles in organizations promoting diversity
• Societal Impact: Solving important challenges for society, research that furthers solutions to large social problems, or scientific breakthroughs that have improved the world

The following individuals and teams will receive awards:

Scientific Award Area
Igor Grigoriev (Individual Award)
FemtoSync Team: Russell Wilcox, Larry Doolittle and Gang Huang
Plant Synthetic Biology Team: Fan Yang, Prajakta Pradhan Mitra, Jin Sun Kim, Keijan Zheng, Jane Lau, Yves Verhertbruggen, Manfred Auer, and Dominique Loque

Early Scientific Career
Gabriel Lander (Individual Award) and Daniel Klein (Individual Award)

David Shuh (Individual Award) and Jim Floyd (Individual Award)

Tech Transfer
Gary Andersen (Individual Award) and Robert Cheng (Individual Award)
Tough Software Suite Team: Stefan Finsterle, Jens Birkholzer, Andrea Cortis, Christine Doughty, James Houseworth, Jihoon Kim, Michael Kowalsky, Hui-Hai Liu, George Morodis, Sumit Mukhopadhyay, Haruko Murakami, Curtis Oldenburg, Lehua Pan, George Pau, Matthew Reagan, Jonny Rutqvist, Tianfu Xu, Keni Zhang, Yinqi Zhang, QuanLin Zhou, Eric Sonnenthal, Nicolas Spycher, Carl Steefel, Carol Valladao, Sam Wright, Sherry Seybold and Stephen Rice

Karen Ramorino (Individual Award), Lynn Yarris (Individual) and Ken Fletcher (Individual Award)
Green Datacenter Team: Mark Dedlow, Ed Ritenour, Greg Bell, Bill Tschudi, Dale Sartor, Steve Greenberg, Henry Coles, and Geoffrey Bell

Michael Barnett (Individual Award) and David Gilbert (Individual Award)

Dawn Munson (Individual Award)

Societal Impact
Berkeley Optical Sound Restoration/Library of Congress Team: Carl Haber and Earl Cornell
Energy Efficiency Group Standards: Greg Rosenquist and Alex Lekov

Honorees will be acknowledged at a future Lab awards ceremony and reception.