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Director’s 2014 Lifetime and Exceptional Achievement Awards Announced


The Director’s Office announces the recipient of the 2014 Berkeley Lab Prize – Lifetime Achievement Award is Mark Levine, in the area of Societal Impact.

Nominated by Lynn Price, an excerpt from the nomination reads:


Since starting his career at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1978, Mark Levine has been the key driving force behind the development of the Lab’s world-class energy efficiency analysis activities. LBNL’s energy analysis program was the world’s first significant program focused on energy efficiency analysis with a broad scope. The program pioneered a new field of research and associated analysis methods now used around the world.

These energy efficiency research and analysis efforts have had large positive societal impacts by improving energy efficiency, reducing energy use, reducing costs paid by consumers for energy services, reducing local pollutants emitted by burning most energy resources, and mitigating emissions that cause climate change.

The Director’s Office announces the recipients of the 2014 Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement. The following individuals and teams will receive awards:

Scientific – David Schlegel (Individual Award); Axel Visel (Individual Award); Oliver Gessner (Individual Award); Tanja Woyke (Individual Award)

Early Scientific Career – Charles Koven (Individual Award), Ben Bowen (Individual Award)

Safety – Wayne Lukens (Individual Award)

Service – Ron Pauer (Individual Award); Charlie Verboom (Individual Award); Mary Maxon (Individual Award); Community Advisory Group:  Sam Chapman, Armando Viramontes, Ross Lyon, and Beverly Harris

Tech Transfer – Cynthia Regnier (Individual Award); Afingen Team:  Dominque Loque and Henrik Scheller

Operations – CalCharge Operations Team:  Katherine Britton, Doug Davenport, Michel Foure, Angela Ford, Lawrence Lau, Betsy Quayle, Alecia Ward, and Michelle Wong

Outreach – Peppytides Team:  Promita Chakraborty and Ronald Zuckermann

Diversity – iCLEM Team:  Jorge Alonso-Gutierrez, Kevin George, Ee-Been Goh, and Kristen McIntosh

Societal Impact – Pamela Ronald (Individual); Paul Williams (Individual)

For a description of each of the award categories, click here.

Honorees will be acknowledged at a ceremony to be held on Monday, Sept. 29 at 9 a.m. in the Building 50 auditorium.