Today at Berkeley Lab

Construction and Parking Update

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1. Bevatron Demolition: Completion of demolition and paving of area is scheduled for completion by the end of March (weather permitting). About 150 parking spots will be made available at that time.

2. and 8. Seismic Phase 2: Modernization of Building 74 is scheduled for completion by March 2012. The 71 spaces blocked off during work will be restored at that time. Project also includes demolition of Building 90P, (scheduled to begin next spring and finish in the fall) and the Building 71 trailers (to start next fall and finish by winter 2013).

3. Old Town Demolition: In the next two weeks the slab foundation for the former Building 52 will be striped for parking. These 20+ spaces will be available until late spring, when space for the staging for the SERC project (#4) will be required.

4. The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC): Construction will begin in late March of 2012 and completion is scheduled for mid-April 2014. The construction will have a heavy impact on traffic along McMillan Road, and both the N3 and N4 lots (about 64 spaces) will be closed during the project.

5. Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA): The structure is scheduled for completion by the end of December, with the 30 blocked parking spots restored.

6. General Purpose Lab (part of Seismic Phase 2): Construction is under way and completion is scheduled for fall 2013. It will be LEED Gold Certified. About 58 parking spots are blocked off for construction.

7. User Test Bed Facility: Construction scheduled to begin in February and completed in June 2013. About 42 parking spaced in the Building 90 parking lot will be removed. Also, traffic will be impacted with removal of current trailers and during construction.

8. Seismic Phase 2: see #2 above.

9. Computational Research and Theory Facility (CRT): Project is under way and scheduled for completion in fall of 2014. Traffic will be impacted as well as some weekend closures of Blackberry Gate. About 20 parking spots along E road have been removed.

10. Firehouse Replacement: Current structure will be demolished and replaced with a pre-engineered building. Work started this month and is scheduled for completion next October. About 16 parking spots are being blocked during construction.