Today at Berkeley Lab

Appointment of Institutional Compliance and Ethics Officer

It is my pleasure to announce that Theresa Triplett has accepted the position of Institutional Compliance and Ethics Officer for LBNL. This is a key role in supporting our stewardship of the Lab’s research, people, and resources by assisting us in making continuous improvements in management systems and operating processes. Her team assists all of us to maintain the highest operational standards in support of our scientific mission and earn the trust of our taxpayers and sponsors.

Theresa joined the office of Institutional Assurance and Integrity in 2009 as a program manager, where she developed and implemented an institutional large-scope issues program that included performance monitoring and analysis and risk management for the Lab.

In July 2017, Theresa took on the responsibilities of Interim Institutional Compliance and Ethics Officer, overseeing the Laboratory’s contract assurance systems, quality management, and ethics and integrity programs.

Theresa has done an exceptional job leading the institutional compliance and ethics team during the past 14 months. Please join me in congratulating Theresa on her new appointment.

Michael Brandt