Today at Berkeley Lab

Acclaimed Photographer Marilyn Chung Joins Public Affairs

chungMarilyn Chung has joined Public Affairs as the permanent Lead Photographer, replacing the recently retired Roy Kaltschmidt. Chung previously worked for 11 years with the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, as well as experience with Knight Ridder and Michigan’s Valley Publishing.  She completed a degree in photojournalism at Boston University, and has won numerous awards for her work highlighting her innovative visual storytelling skills in documenting people’s stories, the environment, and events.

Some samples of her work are featured in the slideshow above.

Chung has a keen interest finding creative and engaging ways to communicate the ideas of science and technology and the people making it all happen, which will be a great addition to the public affairs team. A self-described “people” person, Chung has also worked on volunteer projects documenting the efforts of IMA Helps, a non-profit that provides medical care to poor rural areas in Central and South America.

Contact her at [email protected] or [email protected].