Today at Berkeley Lab

A Primer on How the New TABL Works

Since it debuted late last month, we’ve received a few inquiries on how the new TABL works. Here’s a quick primer…after you open up the daily e-mail reminder, click the blue button to reach the TABL website. Once there, peruse the headlines to determine which stories you want to read. The newest stories are at the top. The previous day’s stories are listed under “Recent News,” and stories prior to that (about two weeks worth) are available from the “Featured News” slider at the bottom of the page. Date-related news is posted under “Upcoming” on the right sidebar. All these stories — along with the Lab events calendar and links to the cafeteria menu and Flea Market — make the TABL website a one-stop destination for employee news. Soon to be added is a link that allows readers to view all headlines chronologically.