Today at Berkeley Lab

Annual Stickers to be Added to Parking Hangtag Permits

In response to a DOE security audit, annual stickers will be required on Lab parking hangtag permits, starting in January. This will ensure everyone who parks here actually works here. New stickers will be issued each year in December, similar to annual stickers from the DMV. Staff can get stickers from division contacts starting today (Dec. 11). Starting Jan. 14, those without stickers will receive a warning from Lab security patrols. The stickers will be required for entry to the Lab beginning Jan. 31. No annual sticker is needed for bicycle or motorcycle parking stickers at this time. Go here for more on parking.


  1. I have an affiliate parking sticker. It would be silly to put an annual sticker on an affiliate sticker that is supposed to be renewed annually. I will work under the assumption that I don’t need an annual sticker. I hope that the parking police are aware of this.

  2. It is difficult for me to get into the Lab now, due to my present medical condition of my back. Also my present Lab pass expired Sept. 30, and I am hoping soon to go in to upgrade that also. Is it all right for me to come in the next week or so?

  3. No annual sticker is needed for bicycle or motorcycle parking stickers at this time.

    And yes, there are people with parking permits who either don’t work here or are not eligible for a parking permit.

  4. This new rule is bewildering. Are there people who park at LBNL, hang a parking permit from their rear view mirrors, but do not work here? If so, how did they get the permits? In other words, how about an explanation?

  5. Good morning,
    The date sticker will only determine that a person parking a car, truck, or motorhome at the lab is an employee. However, the bicyclists and the motorcyclists are unaccounted for. Affiliates and contractors are not employees of LBNL, either.

  6. Will stickers become mandatory for site access? When? What about motorcycle/bicycle head badges? Do those need yearly stickers too?