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North Berkeley BART Shuttle Route Pilot Program Starts Monday

A new six-month pilot shuttle route that serves North Berkeley BART and Albany will start service Monday morning. Employees provided input that helped us to establish the new shuttle route, stops, and schedule.

The Lab is increasing the number of shuttle routes as part of an effort to make a connection with public transportation options and reduce our carbon footprint.

“We know employees are concerned about their personal carbon footprint, and using the shuttle is one way to lessen the impact,” says John Chernowski, manager of contract assurance at Berkeley Lab. Using the shuttles also helps with parking and congestion at the Lab.

The North Berkeley BART shuttles will not have the NextBus equipment on them during the pilot phase, but it will be added if the shuttles become permanent.

The Rockridge shuttle schedule was doubled in September to make it more convenient for employees to get to the Lab based on the Rockridge BART schedule. These shuttle changes and pilot programs are part of the Lab’s goal to increase employees’ usage of alternative commute transportation methods. You can provide feedback on the North Berkeley BART shuttle service during the pilot program.



  1. Re: Albany, I already submitted feedback suggesting instead of inbound/outbound runs both using Hopkins and Cedar (which close to San Pablo are essentially the same area), one run should branch off Hopkins onto Gilman so as to essentially create a loop. That would serve the South Albany crowd much better (while North Albany has AC Transit 18).

  2. All,
    This is a pilot program, and the ridership numbers will help make this a permanent route. Ridership will be tracked, and the route and schedule will be adjusted during the pilot.

    The route and stops were based on lab resident demographics and safety of the stops (we can only stop at existing AC Transit stops).

    We appreciate the feedback. Go to the link in the last paragraph of the story and share more thoughts on this route.

  3. Diane,
    On the bike rack question…

    The van used for this pilot will have a rear bike rack. The front bike rack is being repaired and that should be completed by the middle of next week

  4. I also live in South Albany and I totally agree with Julie on all 4 points. Some feedback on that would certainly be welcomed.

  5. Hopefully the bus will be on time and don’t depart at stops earlier than schedule. Otherwise it will be a nightmare to wait for the next bus without the NextBus indication.

  6. I’ll repeat my observations from the initial announcement in TABL:
    1) The proposed routes duplicate much of the 12 and the 52 AC Transit buses – what’s wrong with taking those lines?
    2) Why North Berkeley BART? Is the intention actually to reduce the number of people the Blue picks up in downtown Berkeley?
    3) Why so far into University Village? Can’t there be a single pickup point?
    4) But mostly, *why not Marin Avenue?* [or Solano?]
    I live in south Albany. I’d have to walk a mile to the closest stop listed – when I could walk less and catch an AC Transit bus that takes me downtown, or a little more and take BART to the same place. How was this route conceived? Is it to save money or to reduce carbon footprint?

  7. Will the North Berkeley buses have bike racks (front and back), and can bicycles be loaded at any of the stops? (space permitting)