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Do You Have a Seat at the Table? Sign Up to Be a Thanksgiving Host or Guest

The gLoBaL Employee Resource Group is matching international employees and hosts for Thanksgiving dinner.

The ERG provides support and a sense of community for Berkeley Lab employees who have moved to the United States from another country.

“It seems natural to invite international colleagues to join us at our tables for this most American of holidays,” said Rebecca Hartman-Baker, co-leader of gLoBaL. “In addition to international co-workers, there are other colleagues who are away from their traditional home for Thanksgiving, and we have a number of folks with extra room at the table. We thought we’d bring them together.”

GLoBal will match guests and hosts who fill out an online form by Nov. 16. Participants will be notified of their match on Nov. 19 via email, leaving it to both guests and hosts to arrange details such as transportation and who gets the drumstick.


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  1. This is an amazing idea. I would like to host someone but I first have to figure out if I plan to travel home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I will complete the form if I decide to hang around for Thanksgiving. Brillant idea!

  2. Kat Wentworth says

    Great idea GLoBal ERG! I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, but the idea of inviting international coworkers will inspire me to do so next year.