Today at Berkeley Lab

Feedback Sought for New North Berkeley Shuttle Route

To improve commuting options for employees and free up parking on-site, the Lab is planning a pilot morning and afternoon shuttle service from North Berkeley. The route and schedule are under development, with service scheduled to start by the end of the month. This pilot program is designed to gauge potential usage of the route. Review these proposed routes and schedules, then provide feedback via this survey by Oct. 11.


  1. 1) The proposed routes duplicate the 12 and the 52 AC Transit buses – what’s wrong with taking those lines? 2) Why North Berkeley BART? Is the intention actually to reduce the number of people the Blue picks up in downtown Berkeley? 3) Why so far into University Village? Can’t there be a single pickup point? 4) But mostly, *why not Marin Avenue?*

  2. I filled out the survey, but thought it couldn’t hurt to put a comment here as well:
    Put me down as another vote for excitement for this route, and also one for a later last shuttle. 4:45pm as the last shuttle leaving the hill is extremely early for my schedule. If two circuits is the max, perhaps spacing them out to once an hour rather than every half hour would help accommodate more people? So leaving Bld 65 at 4:15 and 5:15, rather than 4:15 and 4:45? similar in the morning?

  3. I agree with MC – great suggestion. This would help those of us headed for BART a lot. The stop could be drop-off only to keep the main BART stop the same.

  4. hello,
    I am very excited at the prospect of this shuttle route as it would mean no longer having to pay AC Transit fares every day and looks much quicker than what I currently do (taking the AC transit 52 bus from Page and San Pablo to connect to the blue uphill shuttle at Soda Hall, takes about 45-50min). However, in order for it to be useful it would need to come far more frequently than twice in the early morning and afternoon hours, and also leave far later than 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

    For what it’s worth, any shuttle going downhill after 9 PM (say 10pm or 11pm) would also be greatly appreciated. Or even later given people are at the ALS 24/7.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I prefer Route 2 over Route 1, the schedule for that works great and the shuttle would basically stop right outside my home.

    Best Regards
    Thorsten Kurth

  6. Regarding a different issue: the new route of the Blue Downhill shuttle. The downhill route used to turn left on Center and then right on Shattuck. It now turns left on Allston. I think this was to avoid congestion at Shattuck and Center. But if you add a stop at Allston and Shattuck—before the right turn onto Shattuck—that would be awesome. Gets folks onto BART minutes sooner.