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Export Control Launches New Website

Berkeley Lab has a new export control website designed to make navigating complex export regulations easier. The new site has been simplified to provide researchers and staff with practical guidance, useful forms, and informative links for those seeking answers or additional information. Send comments on the new site to [email protected]

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  1. Kevin Peet says:

    What concerns me GREATLY is that, as an admin. person, I can be criminally liable for violating this– even if I have acted in good faith, following the information provided to me by the person requesting the export of materials. Even if I have been ignorant (as a non-scientist) and have acted in good faith, the Lab has explicitly said that it would NOT provide me with legal help or counsel. To me, this is inconsiderate and disrespectful, and may leave us admin. people ‘twisting in the wind,’ due to the negligence of a researcher, and to the Laboratory’s lack of integrity.
    In the many years that I have been raising this point, the only ‘defense’ I get is that “oh, that would never happen”. Which is fine, right up until it does..

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