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New Shuttle Schedules Start Monday

A new schedule and route for the Rockridge BART shuttle starts Monday, Sept. 24. There will also be an additional shuttle added to the Blue route to ease overcrowding.

The Rockridge BART route will run shuttles every 30 minutes during the morning and afternoon commute, and they will now be timed closer to the BART schedule.

The six-month pilot program starts Sept. 24 and includes:

  • An increase in shuttle service to and from the Rockridge BART station, with service every 30 minutes during the morning and afternoon commute hours.
  • Shuttle departure times will align with the BART schedule.
  • The route will also change slightly to include stops on Alcatraz at Hillegass, Telegraph at Webster and Parker, College at Haste, and Piedmont at Bancroft to serve employees living near the route.

A permanent change is an additional shuttle to the Blue Route. This will increase the frequency of runs and lessen overcrowding. The Orange Route schedule will change to every 15 minutes, from every 10 minutes in the morning hours, due to low ridership.


  1. Hey, powers that be! How about offering an Express shuttle to Rockridge Bart in the p.m.! Yep, nothing like leaving work at 4:30pm and getting home at 6pm now…30-minutes later than I used to with the Rockridge shuttle now departing 10-minutes later. Yes, just that wee bit of a difference upsets my tiny window of personal enrichment time in the evenings now. Whom ever chimed in on the new route obviously doesn’t take Bart daily…seriously not good, folks.

    I’m guessing that since we just aren’t making as many passenger-boarding drop-off stops along the way (we made just “one” drop-off) as was the intent here, the Rockridge shuttle will revert to its original route…albeit every 30-minutes. Jus’ sayin’….

  2. The orange shuttle has NOT ONCE been on time when I have taken it since the start of the semester. Further, at 2:18 PM Sept 20, despite my frantic waving, the shuttle failed to stop to pick me up at Bancroft and Telegraph. If it can’t keep to schedule, perhaps a new schedule can be published so we can more efficiently plan our trips to meetings and classes with defined start times.

  3. Very happy to see additional blue buses in the morning! The schedule is interesting — some are still 10 minutes apart while others are 4 minutes apart. Am curious what is the logic behind that?? Hopefully actual run times will be more even to minimize overcrowding and delays. Thanks.