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Lab’s Andy Jones Featured on ‘NBC Bay Area’ Report on Climate Change

Bigger fires, dirtier air, and more flooding within the next 30 to 50 years. That’s the crux of the stark warning in the latest University of California climate change report recently released by the governor’s office. “The entry to the Bay Bridge toll plaza is just a few feet above sea level, so we’ll begin to see flooding of the toll plaza on a relatively frequent basis,” said EESA researcher Andy Jones, who contributed to the Bay Area section of the report. Watch>

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  1. How odd that yesterday’s article said:
    “There are about 30 different large climate models. Each one operates using its own parameterization of radiative forcing, which is essentially a look-up table that tells the model how to calculate CO2 radiative forcing for a given set of atmospheric conditions,” Feldman says. “Inconsistencies in these parameterizations create a lot of uncertainties in model projections of climate change.”
    And yet here is this apparent CERTAINTY about events thirty to fifty years out? Isn’t this at least possibly incongruous?

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