Today at Berkeley Lab

Feedback Sought on Lab Commuting, Parking Programs

To help the Lab enhance its transportation programs, staff are invited to take a brief commute survey. The survey, open through Thursday, June 28, takes about five to 10 minutes to complete. The feedback will be used to help develop alternate commute options, address parking challenges, and meet the Lab’s sustainability goals. Go here for more on the Lab’s commuting resources.


  1. Spencer,

    We appreciate your suggestion. As we explore new shuttle routes later this year, we will consider one to/from North Berkeley / El Cerrito area as suggested. Currently, we are conducting the 2018 Employee Commute Survey. Once this survey is closed and results are fully analyzed, we intend to explore additional shuttle routes and other commute alternatives for implementation (contingent upon funding availability).


  2. I feel like there is a wasted opportunity to attract additional bus users (and significantly reduce need for driving) from all of the employees who live north of Berkeley. As things stand, the only way to use the bus service is to cycle to down town Berkeley and hope there is space on the bus for your bike, which there often isn’t (or cycle up hill for the gifted few). Also, cycling is not really an option for many, especially once you get beyond North Berkeley into El Cerrito. Same issue with using Bart, no one wants to cycle to bart have the hassle of getting your bike onto the bart system at rush hour and then catching the bus.

    Really we need an additional new route that runs at least during morning and evening commute times, that goes from the lab to the area around El Cerrito bart. With a stop perhaps on Colusa Avenue (where there is no time limit street parking). There are hundreds, possibly thousands of lab employees that live in north Berkeley and beyond that could then walk, cycle or drive (and park) to a shuttle bus stop located in the Colusa/ Solano avenue area (with a stop on route at the intersection of Henry and Vine or Rose )