Today at Berkeley Lab

Video: Cyclists Share Tips on Navigating the Lab’s Unique Terrain

Berkeley Lab’s main campus can be both pleasant and tricky for cyclists — there’s much less car traffic than on the surrounding city streets, but there are many more hills and some “trouble spots” where cars and bikes need to take extra caution. We talked to a few veteran Berkeley Lab cyclists to get their advice on how to navigate the terrain.


  1. What’s the current policy on helmets? I ride with a helmet. I’ve seen a lot of (mostly) younger people at the Lab without ’em. Check out the guy at 2:11 into the video (taking off from Bldg 65 after taking the shuttle up), who’s helmet isn’t fastened.

    So, is there or isn’t there a helmet policy? If there is, is it covered at orientation for new employees/students/postdocs/GSRAs?