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E-Bike Riders Offer Perspectives on New and Improved Commutes

As part of National Bike Month, Pat Thorson, Michael Hammel, and John Elliot share their take on switching to electric bicycles, known as e-bikes. Thorson says e-bikes make biking feel safer. Hammel is impressed with his e-bike’s ability to carry both him and his 10-year-old daughter. Elliot loves how quick his commute has become. More>

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  1. Amit Kothari says:

    The bike trailer service was provided for about 11 months and experienced very limited ridership. In collaboration with our bicycling community, a decision was made to discontinue the service. It was discontinued effective 12/21/2017.

  2. I heard they got rid of the bike trailer which was ideal for transporting heavier bikes such as e-bikes and cargo bikes. Anyone know why they stopped using it?