Today at Berkeley Lab

New 15 MPH Speed Limit Instituted for All Lab Roadways

In response to increased bicycle accidents and near misses involving vehicles, a 15 mph speed limit has been established for all roadways within the Lab. The new speed limit eliminates prior speed limits that ranged between 15 and 25 mph. Signage with the new speed limit has been installed throughout the Lab. The new 15 mph speed limit applies to all vehicles and bicycles.


  1. Will the shuttle drivers also have to adhere to the new speed limits? Often times, they drive well over 25mph and drive over the yellow line, which has caused numerous close calls (myself included) when they come speeding around the Flex Lab corner to B90.

  2. Thanks! Good news! Now if we get some enforcement at Stop signs, then we might have a safer environment. I’ve had a couple near misses just this week because people at the lab are routinely running stop signs and despite any past rhetoric regarding enforcement, nothing changes.

  3. I have noticed many vehicles, including the small vehicles used here at the lab, driving way too fast so I think this is a good thing to keep everyone safe.