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Lab’s Laleh Coté Wins Award for ‘Science Identity’ Grad Slam Talk

Laleh Coté (right) of the Workforce Development & Education office received an honorable mention at UC Berkeley’s recent Humanities and Social Sciences Grad Slam for her talk on “Science Identity and the Pursuit of a Career in STEM.” Coté discussed the importance of supporting both scientific research and diversity in STEM fields.

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  1. Congrats, Laleh! You rock!

  2. Nakeiah Harrell says:

    Congratulations Laleh! That’s awesome

  3. Anna Spurlock says:

    Congratulations Laleh!

  4. Nice work Laleh!

  5. Laleh the GREAT!!!

  6. Gary Andersen says:

    Rock Star! Great job, Laleh.

  7. Amanda Krieger says:

    Congratulations! You’ve been rockin’ it non-stop :-p


  8. Kat Wentworth says:

    Congratulations Laleh!

  9. Lauren Tom says:

    Great job, Laleh!

  10. YAY, Laleh!! Congratulations! You make us all so proud of you.

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